Friday, July 31, 2009

Song For Cory Aquino Who Died at 76

Former president Cory Aquino dies at 76 and she will be remembered the way she was glorified in the EDSA revolution. A mother to her kids and family and a mother to the nation with respect to democracy.

I would like to extend my personal deepest condolences not just to the Family Aquino but to all the Filipinos who believed in her fight not with colon cancer but for her life so that she can still serve and protect democracy which is now on the verge of being stepped on by a few ruling politicians in the government.

I'd like to avoid relating Cory Aquino's death to politics but it seems we can all not avoid it because her death means so much not just to her family but also to the nation and the Filipino people who love her so much and has made her the symbol of all faith to God that democracy will always be there to protect them.

Watch below the song for Cory Aquino video

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