Thursday, December 12, 2013

Honesto Teleserye

Honesto and Pinocchio Are The Same
With what has been happening in the country today. Calamity has stricken our land, Philippines and the biggest corruption controversy in the history ongoing and involving big politicians as far high as senators being charged with connivance with alleged master mind of PDAF scam, Janet Lim Napoles, it's about time Filipinos welcome the opening of a new teleserye, Honesto. It is an all-star cast from the start and a regular guest list on the line, watching the episodes that you missed will definitely be worth it.

With a tag line "Honest to Promise", this new soap hopes to develop at least in the minds of the young a new breed of honest people from the incoming generations and inspire them to be one always.

Honesto teleserye is not just all about values and making the young generation learn and realize how important honesty is to all mankind but also for all adults as well as politicians who serve the public interest to realize that it is about time to be fair to all. That the Filipino people's eyes are now on each and everyone who are in the position because the people have voted and trusted them that they will serve with all honesty.

Honesto teleserye hopes to heal all wounds and make the Pinoys be proud once more. Proud not because in this country, it is easy to steal and take the money of the majority but proud because we are people with dignity and pride of our ancestral values. It's about time!

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