Thursday, May 24, 2012

Born To Love You Movie Review (Cast, Poster and Trailer)

Born To Love You Movie Poster
Apart from featuring teleseryes and the different updates to upcoming episodes on this blog, I am now announcing that I will be featuring fearless reviews of the different upcoming new Filipino movies of today (and tomorrow too). That is because I so love the Philippine cinema so much and love watching movies too with my hubby.

First lucky review of Teleserye Episodes blog goes to the target - Born To Love You movie. That is because it is odd for film producers as well as trying hard film critics like me to take down a movie review without knowing the actors and acresses who will be included on the list, then I will provide first the list of cast of characters (not in order of any sort or category).

  • Coco Martin
  • Angeline Quinto
  • Albert Martinez
  • Eula Valdez[4]
  • Al Tantay
  • Tonton Gutierrez
  • Malou De Guzman
  • Kiray Celis
  • Jojit Lorenzo
  • Eda Nolan
  • Mickey Ferriols
  • Amy Nobleza
  • Louise Abuel
  • Ryan Bang
  • Ku Aquino
  • David Chua
  • Aloy Noranda
  • Cris Pasturan
  • Jenny Kim

From the list of cast above, I can definitely and absolutely say that this is a brilliant choice. There is perfect balance as well as familiarity for the fans and expected audience making a good choice of Albert Martinez, Eula Valdez and Tonton Gutierrez. We've seen these 3 great artists in a teleserye before and the element of familiarity will definitely bring some spice to the heavy drama in the family of Rex, played by Coco Martin.

Another good choice here for the producers (just to give them credit) is to pair up an amazing actor, Coco Martin with Angeline Quinto which we all know didn't have any trophy under her head as a proved actress of her generation. After all, who would think such when everybody knows that she is a great singer instead. But in all these, the secret ingredient is very obvious. If you haven't seen the selling concert of Angeline Quinto before, you should in order for you to understand more why producers chose to pair Coco with Angeline.

For those who do, congratulations! You very well know that these two artists are definitely hot in their own fields of expertise but for Angeline playing around outside of her comfort zone, well, I could only adore this girl. She seemed to have what it takes to make a pair get going for centuries and for producers to earn more by giving Born To Love You movie an advance teaser of part 2 (sequel possibly another imported singer's song for the title).

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