Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Binondo Girl August 23 Episode Video Replay

You can now watch My Binondo Girl August 23 episode video replay for free below. We have collected 4 total videos that you can enjoy watching for free if you missed an episode of Kim Chiu's teleserye, My Binondo Girl.

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Teresita Ang said...

my binondo girl isnt nice, it seems that they are just trying to capture the chinese community. Their chinese are not the typical one, even mr chen doesnt speak fluently and hardly pronounce some words. Though some actors are able to pronounce some part of the scene in the correct manner but still it doesnt seem to show how chinese culture and what chinese culture is all about. Mom of mr. chen even can't speak chinese well. Some part of the first few weeks are good in chinese translation, but some are worst. Dont they have a professional translator or interpreter or consultant? for all the scenes cultures they need? It seems like a typical mano po which they overdo in some part and some arent the typical chinese set up. They doesnt speak more of chinese too if they are following the my binondo girl title they should have and invest more in have an authentic consultant and translator to furnish everything. Like the school in china for the flash back is great and the chinese school where little jade studied , the teacher speak chinese and teach well probably a typical chinese authentic teacher. Great job for that but what happened didnt jade and onyx learn chinese? it doesnt even show and stuff. Basically this show is just an illusion and it doesnt help the community and even worsen the chinese language. If it is my binondo girl they should speak more chinese even mr chen doesnt speak more. So whats the deal and point of watching? I thought your showing a typical chinese culture?


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