Friday, December 17, 2010

Imortal Teleserye

I have almost long forgotten about this blog of mine about teleserye episodes. That is why right now, I promise to not have it orphaned for so many reasons. First, Pinoys are very fond of the different teleseryes, fantaseryes and teledrama (soaps) today so there really is no reason at all why leave this blank for weeks or months. From now on, I will be turning this blog into something else - a blog about teleserye episodes and let me start with highlighting one of the Filipino favorite teleseryes on television today - Imortal Teleserye starring Angel Locsin and John Lloyd Cruz.

First off, I'd like to congratulate both because of the high tv ratings of their tv series and for coming up with a good concept to make for a teleserye. Even if the special effects do fail to amuse me as well as others, the part originality of the story is what I adore from Imortal the most. I don't like the vampire fangs which is an obvious foolishness in the part of the production. Canines weren't supposed to be part of the front teeth even in animals so it looked really absurd and foolish for me just taking a look at the vampires when they try to show their fangs.

I feel so humiliated with the idea. The production failed on that part. Anyway, if you are interested to watch Imortal teleserye episodes, please do subscribe to our feeds using the subscription box below. On the other hand, if you want to watch other episodes, please refer to the sidebar we have. Thank you for visiting us here at Teleserye Episodes blog.

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